Farming supplies

Conditions of Use

  • Descryptions, features and photos of each product to the manufacturer and any errors in them is not our responsibility. Some products may be shown with some indicative picture. These data as well as some features of each product may change without notice.
  • Changing products is valid only in an intact products within 10 days of the issue of proof of purchase with your charge transport costs.
  • If you live in an area that is stated as "inaccessible", your order will arrive to the nearest place of delivery and will need to pick up from there.
  • Buying products from us means that you have the necessary knowledge and responsibility for the installation, operation, maintenance and enforcement of safety rules.
  • Goods are traveling on behalf of and at the risk of the purchaser and shall remain our property until the final payment.
  • The data you provide, individually and tax data are true.
  • You agree to the warranty conditions.
  • You agree with the terms commitment transfer from the company which will carry the products purchased.
  • To conclude your order you may not ask arbitrarily and without consultation aside. Cancellations of orders made only through our contact page, giving the name and order number.
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